"A chance sighting of an advertisement seeking volunteers has led to years of enjoyment and fulfilment as a volunteer for our charity, Hounds for Heroes."

Mike - Volunteer Speaker



At the time, I was recently retired (not essential to be a volunteer!), had served long ago in the military (not essential!) and possessed of a lifelong passion for our canine friends (essential!).

Hound for Heroes is an inspirational charity that quite literarily rebuilds the lives of severely injured men and women in the armed services and the emergency services, by providing beautifully bred and highly trained assistance dogs.  These wonderful dogs, all Labradors and Retrievers, assist these men and women, both by the daily practical help the dogs bring to otherwise impossible tasks but equally important the enormous help, emotionally and psychologically, which enables these ex-service men and women re-integrate into society at large.

As volunteers we contribute to Hounds for Heroes achieving its life-enhancing aims and objectives. As volunteers, we meet and make friends with the professional staff of the charity, we meet the public in all its great diversity, and meet a huge range of different organisations such as Rotary, Probus, Round Table, Sports and Dog Clubs, Salvation Army, U3A, the WI, Townswomen’s Guilds, Benevolent Societies and Military Associations.  Whether manning the Hounds for Heroes stall outside supermarkets or the local garden centre, raising funds, spreading the word or giving talks, it is always enjoyable, amongst friends and invariably greeted with a smile, generosity and unqualified support.

Standing above all in Hounds for Heroes is the dog, man’s best friend, and our dogs are very special indeed. As a volunteer it is our privilege to work alongside these amazing animals and their trainers, learning and extending  our own knowledge about the breeding, training and working lives of our assistance dogs.  As volunteers we contribute to the continuing success of the Charity in different ways – all essential and reward enough for our efforts and time in such a worthwhile cause. 

I am so pleased I became a volunteer for Hounds for Heroes.  It is a constant source of fulfilment, enjoyment and an uplifting experience to be involved with such a charity.   The achievements of our beloved assistance dogs are beyond price. And along the way promoting and working for the charity as a volunteer, you meet all manner of interesting, enthusiastic supporters in myriad societies and organisations across our communities, in itself a huge delight  -  win, win, win! 

"I can’t recommend highly enough becoming a volunteer for Hounds for Heroes!"