Nobby and Captain

Nobby and Captain (Fox Red Labrador)  
Partnered since 2021

“Captain’s help isn’t just physical assistance, he also provides emotional support.”

Kerry on behalf of Nobby

The below was was written on Nobby's behalf by his wife Kerry.

I’m Kerry, Nobby’s wife. When I discovered the Hounds for Heroes website I told Nobby about Allen and the Charity and he got really excited about the possibility of applying for an assistance dog. I waited a month before sending the first email just to be sure it was what Nobby really wanted to do.

Nobby spent 11 ½ years in the Army and 18 years in the Police. As a result of treatment for  a malignant tumor in his neck and suffering complications causing brain damage, he is permanently in a wheelchair, unable to verbally communicate and requires 24/7 care. 

He hoped a dog would give him some independence back.  

Nobby loves sport. He’ll watch it on TV and go to as many rugby and football matches as he can. Fishing is a passion which he has been able to do a few times since being in a wheelchair; we’ve found a few accessible fishing locations. Nobby also loves music and has an eclectic taste which keeps the carers amused! He loves travel and to go out walking and now he has Captain, it makes it all the more enjoyable to share some of these experiences.

Captain has given Nobby more independence in the home and while out and about. As a family it has given us peace of mind and we don’t worry about Nobby falling out of his wheelchair needing help as Captain will come and get us.

We’ve made new friends while we’ve been out together. People are always interested to know Nobby’s story, how Captain helps him and of course the Charity who has made it all possible.

Captain’s help isn’t just physical assistance, he also provides emotional supportWatching Nobby smile when the two of them are happy playing, or when Nobby is in a lot of pain and Captain knows and just rests his head on Nobby’s lap to offer comfort. These moments are priceless and wouldn’t happen if Captain wasn’t part of our life.

I’ve noticed a difference in my wellbeing too. We get out in the fresh air for walks and not constantly watching Nobby has reduced my daily stress levels.

On a practical note, going out with Nobby has changed too. I am now able to visit the toilet on my own knowing that Captain is with Nobby. Whereas previously I would have to take Nobby with me.

Our grandchildren love taking part in Captain’s play time! They hide his toys and Grandad gets Captain to find them! They are growing up understanding that in order for Grandad to have some independence he needs Captain and they are learning the non-verbal signs too so they can be just like Grandad in their communications with Captain.

It feels as if Captain has been in our lives forever and I couldn’t imagine life without him.​​​​​​