A Hounds for Heroes assistance dog can help you overcome some of the physical difficulties caused by your disability. Partners frequently tell us they experience an increased sense of freedom, often a new-found confidence and a loyal comrade and, just maybe, the beginning of a new life.

Our application process is open to all serving or previously served HM Armed Forces and Emergency Services personnel who have become disabled through illness or injury, either service or non-service attributable. Life with a Hounds for Heroes assistance dog could soon benefit you in many ways.

One of our dogs may help you to do more by assisting you in everyday tasks which you may currently struggle doing on your own.  

Having an assistance dog may even inspire you to lead a more active and outgoing life and help you embark on new adventures that at one time may have seemed unattainable.

An assistance dog may help you regain your self-esteem.

Michael and Poppy


Our dogs live to serve and help you, and in doing so may provide you with the sense of comradeship and camaraderie that you experienced during your service career.

We believe that everyone who fits our criteria and could benefit from one of our dogs should be able to experience the positive and life enhancing impact they will bring.

The cost of the assistance dog’s food, equipment, insurance and veterinary treatments can be met by Hounds for Heroes which means you can safely apply knowing that you can benefit from having one of our dogs without the associated costs impacting your outgoings. However, if you can contribute to any of the associated expenses, it would be immensely appreciated. Your support not only aids the charity but also enables us to extend assistance to more individuals like yourself. 

Start your application today by emailing clientapplications@houndsforheroes.com

Having an assistance dog will transform your life.


Download a quick guide to your application here