We are proud to support the Royal Air Force.

The Royal Air Force has, for over one hundred years, defended the skies of Britain and protected Britain's power and influence around the world.

If you are serving or have served in the Royal Air Force as a regular or a reservist, you could be eligible to apply for a dog  or perhaps you would like to help us by volunteering with us or fundraising so we can continue to make a difference for the Royal Air Force family.


We would like to thank all individuals, crew members, messes, wardroom and civilian staff for their generous support.

RAF Akrotiri
RAF Brize Norton
RAF Cranwell Crest
RAF Henlow

RAF High Wycombe

RAF Odiham

RAF Wittering


RAF Cadets

 2160 Squadron, Sleaford 

RAF Cadets

 1083 Squadron, Uxbridge