Veteran's Raffle

You can now support us by signing up to Veterans Raffle!

Veterans Raffle is an additional fundraising source for those UK serving and ex-forces, Emergency Services, Search & Rescue, Coastguard and Merchant Navy veterans' charities that are most in need of your help - smaller, grassroots, local-volunteer run charities struggling to make ends meet.

Veterans Raffle provides the highest percentage of additional monthly funding to each of its approved veterans charities. These funds are critical to the smaller charities continued success.

Veterans Raffle 'Keep Things Simple' in order to help keep running costs low. In fact, Veterans Raffle have the lowest total operational costs in the UK. At ~95% the Veterans Raffle provides the largest combined percentage to Charity & Prizes, that's significantly higher than any other UK veterans lottery. Veterans Raffle provide unrestricted funding to those grassroots charities who can be trusted to make best use of public donations.

As for draw prizes, Veterans Raffle doesn't use a number sequence, or other hurdles like bonus balls etc. Nor does Veterans Raffle have other additional disadvantages such as the top prize being linked to a potential rollover – Veterans Raffle just keep things simple!

With Veterans Raffle there's a Winner every draw because only valid subscriber names are included. All draw results and prize notifications are electronic which means that there's never a lost ticket, just happy loyal supporters!

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