Man sat with his arm around a Fox Red Labrador

A poignant reminder of the passing of time was felt by us all at Hounds for Heroes recently with the passing of Red 4, our first partnered dog. 

Red 4 joined us as a cadet in November 2011 and having successfully completed his training, was partnered with Graham in July 2013. Red worked alongside Graham helping them to overcome the physical challenges caused by his disability. He proved himself to be a very loyal comrade for his 6 years of service before retiring in 2019. Not long after their partnership journey started we received this quote from Graham; “Thank you for giving me my life back”. This brings home the difference our dogs do make. Red spent the last four years of his life living a happy retirement. 

Since Red 4, Hounds for Heroes has created 31 working partnerships including 8 successor dogs plus 4 compassionate pet placements. 

We would like to thank Red 4 and his cohort for their loyal, life enhancing service.