2 Men in wheelchairs with their assistance dogs. Lady stood between them.

Abbey Works Retirement Club in Titchfield recently received a talk from a member of our team, one member of their Club, Lin was so inspired by the talk that she kindly wrote us a poem.





Allen Parton created this fine charity

training dogs for injured hero’s

A dog would make everyday tasks easy


A dog would be a companion for 10 year's

Helping to calm a hero’s everyday fears


Imagine what it would be like to adjust

when you lost the use of your limbs

An assistance dog would now become a must


This charity is a great creation

Just to go to the shops or to the ATM

Giving some normality to a nation


Washing in and out of the machine

Posting a letter, putting groceries in a basket

An assistant dog could help them in between


Injured service men and women need to live

A feeling of uselessness they believe

A dog will only help never anything to forgive 


So raising money for this cause 

with a wonderful group of volunteers

An assistance dog is a saviour with four paws 


Hounds for Heroes, you deserve some applause

Donate now to this wonderful cause 


Written by Lin Hanney 

Lin Hanney is a published poet and composed a poem as she was "inspired by the dedication of the team at Hounds for Heroes Charity and the selflessness they have shown". 


Thank you Lin, what a beautiful poem.