We have a very exciting update to share with you all.

Lexi, who has been with the Charity as part of the dog training team for 8 years, has been promoted to Team Leader of Advanced Training and Aftercare. 

Lexi and Wren

Lexi started working with Hounds for Heroes in March of 2015 as an advanced dog trainer. This would generally be dogs over 14 months old who were preparing for being matched with a potential applicant, or learning bespoke task work if already matched with an applicant.

Lexi spent some time learning and developing her knowledge in the aftercare department, supporting active partnerships and in 2016 she became an Aftercare Officer, focusing solely on the support and aftercare of our dogs and partners for 6 months.

From January 2017-December 2022, Lexi’s role became a combination of both advanced training and aftercare. During this time, she moved to Devon (September 2017 - March 2019) into married quarters as her husband was in the royal Marines. Despite this she remained working for the Charity and worked 1 week from Devon, 1 week at HQ in Petersfield. During her week in Devon, she would take an advanced dog back with her to train and would also complete aftercare visits in this time. Lexi has also had 2 children has been on maternity leave twice over this period.

In December 2022, after her most recent maternity leave Lexi returned to the Charity and she was promoted to Team Leader of Advanced Training and Aftercare. During her time at Hounds for Heroes she has taken many dogs through advanced training, overseen numerous pre-placement courses, supported partners through retirement and provided partners with successor dogs.

“I feel incredibly lucky to say I still love my job after all these years and feel extremely privileged to be involved in such a worthwhile charity.


From all of the team at Hounds for Heroes, the cadets and all the partners you have supported over the years thank you for all of your hard work and dedication!